Friday, June 1, 2018

Sorry for my absence

Hey friends- I've been lazy lately, and I apologize. (I haven't actually been lazy lazy, just lazy with the blog. Because adulting is hard and somehow it gets harder sometimes. Totes annoying.) Since it's such a pain in the ass to post stuff from Instagram on here (which I will reiterate- FOLLOW US!!) I figured I would post several of the recent things at once so you wouldn't be missing out. I'll be stock piling some reviews this weekend, as well as experimenting with a slightly different format.
A portion of the Council of Belleders (get it? Like elders? But with Belles?)

Essentially how my life has felt for the past month.

Literally the best smell in the goddamn world.
The newest member of the Council of Belleders.
Totally fucking copying my look. And not giving a shit.

The IttyBittyLiteraryKitty trying to make me slow down
my page turning while reading some Neil Gaiman.

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