Sunday, May 13, 2018

I did a thing...

... it's a thing I've wanted to do for YEARS. Like, literal years. I pinned an idea for this in 2011, THAT's how long I've wanted it.

I am one of God's own prototypes.
So here it is, the thing I did. It was so worth it, y'all.

I had a rough fucking year. The short version is this: a medication I was on for my RA caused my liver to start shutting down. This caused, obvi, a lot of health problems. Days in the hospital, weeks on bed rest, months and months and months of bloodwork and doctor's appointments every WEEK. (Guys, the people at the local lab know me by name. They move me to the front of the line because they know I've gotta get to work. They noticed when I changed my hair.)

But, now I'm better. Or, at least, getting better. And while I may have had a 1 in 10,000 chance reaction that makes me "too weird to live", I also sure as hell know that I am "too rare to die." The tattoo is over my liver to remind me that whatever the next crazy problem is, that too shall pass.

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