Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Kind Worth Killing (Peter Swanson)

The Kind Worth Killing- Peter Swanson
This book is a perfect example of why working with fellow book nerds is the best. I would probably never have found this book if an optometrist I work with hadn't told me about it. I was just finishing up another book, and as soon as I started reading the sample I. Was. HOOKED.

We all know them. The people who don't deserve to live. They treat people like garbage, take for granted every good thing that comes to them in life. They are the perfect picture of the opposite of humanity. Those are the kind worth killing. And in the very first chapter we learn about one such person, and meet someone who is willing to help eliminate this human waste of space.

Now, I don't fly, like, super often. However, I think I've done it enough to know that an airport bar is the PERFECT place to take advice from someone on how to kill your "loved" ones.  In fact, I feel like I might start hanging out in one and giving people my unsolicited advice as well. (Wait, do you have to have purchased a ticket to get into the bars? Hmm, I might need a financier to help with this plan. Email me at if you're interested. Please block your IP address for everyone's sake before you do it. kthxbai.) Anyway, before I got lost on a future-careers tangent, I was going to tell you that this exact scenario is what the book opens upon. At first, it seemed like your pretty typical, "rich guy thinks his trophy wife is cheating on him and wants to get rid of her" trope. But after a few minutes, I started to realize... "wait, who the fuck is this Lily person? And what's her phone number, I think we should hang out."
"I've got 'pageturnitis'. Super contagious."

It didn't take long before I realized that the rich-guy trope was just a cheap pick up line at the bar. The book went in directions I never would have expected, and it definitely kept me on my toes the whole time I read it. Total top contender for the coveted Calling Out of Work trophy. (Obvi I couldn't do that since one of the doctors had suggested the book in the first place.) According to my GoodReads, I spent a little more than twenty four hours reading this book. It was THAT. GOOD.

So, what it comes down to, is that you need to read this book. Start it on a Friday night so you can read it straight through because it will seriously keep dragging you back in.

And the winner is:

The Book

The Writing


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