Monday, February 26, 2018

The English Wife (Lauren Willig)

The English Wife- Lauren Willig
Ok, so this one was my December Book of the Month Club book, and I was pretty excited about it because I had been a big fan of the Secret History of the Pink Carnation series when I was in college. I was glad to see Willig in the line up, because honestly I hadn't thought about her in forever.

This book, however, wasn't exactly my cup of tea. So the premise is, in essence, simple: there's a murder, it turns out that some people aren't who they said they were, chaos ensues as the living try to figure out what the hell was going on this whole time. Then somebody else dies.

Ok, that's a pretty standard one. The writing in this book, for me at least, just wasn't grabbing me. The story moved very slowly, and it really wasn't until the very end that I started to feel that pull to read "just a couple more pages."

With that said: the book is still good. The storyline is interesting, if not completely engaging for me the whole time, but it's a really fun twist on the usual whodunnit  written in a style that to me sounds like a bridge between YA and just straight up adult fiction. The characters were a little two dimensional, but there was some definite shading going on in there for the main ones. (And I feel like there wasn't as much intimate physicality as in the Pink Carnation series, which to me was nice, because when I read a whodunnit I generally am not interested in whodunnwho. GET IT?? Oh man, I make myself laugh.)

I wish I could give you a better review on this one, but unfortunately, life got in the way for so long, it isn't really fresh in my mind anymore and I can't remember the things I wanted to talk about.  Feel free to start a conversation below if you've got thoughts you want to chat about!

And the Academy Award for Best Picture goes to... (oh wait, wrong awards show!)
The Book

The Writing


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