Monday, December 18, 2017

Only Time Will Tell (Jeffrey Archer)

Only Time Will Tell- Jeffrey Archer
Hokay, so, this was one for my book challenge. We each had to choose a book for the other person to read, and Sarah picked this one. For a while I wasn't sure I was ever going to like it, but when it took off, man did it take off!

First things first, this book is full of plenty of Shakespearean twists in the plot. There was really no point in time until the very end where I could have told you where it was going. And that's good, since if I knew it would only make the book drag on forever.

The book did, however, drag more than I would have liked. It isn't that the book wasn't interesting, because it was once I would actually read it. The problem was that if I put the book down, it was REALLY easy to put it down and leave it there.

The story is... super complex. It revolves around the events of a boy's life, and is told from the perspective of each of the closest people in his life. The plot thickens slowly but surely, but I didn't really have my interest piqued until well into the mother's narrative. After that I found myself wanting to continue reading, but it is kind of a tough slog getting there.

Having said THAT, I will say that this is the first in a series of books following the Clifton family's dramas, so I feel  like the following books will probably move more quickly, now that the basic back story has been established.

I literally can tell you very little about this book without giving something away, so you're just gonna have to go by this final statement and the rating: If you like historical fiction, especially from World War era England, this book is a good investment of your time.

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