Saturday, November 25, 2017

Disappearance At Devil's Rock (Paul Tremblay)

Disappearance At Devil's Rock
After reading A Head Full of Ghosts I wasn't quite ready to leave Paul Tremblay's world of intrigue. Disappearance At Devil's Rock is a whole different monster from my first read, but still an incredible piece of work.

The book starts in medias res, with Tommy's mother waking to a late night phone call. Already, we're in nightmare territory for most readers, none of us wanting to imagine what that would feel like- the ice in your veins when you look at the clock and know that no one ever calls with good news in the middle of the night. From there we find ourselves swimming through a quagmire trying to figure out what happened that night, since the only people with Tommy when he disappeared were two of his adolescent friends. And like every other adolescent in existence, they have secrets they are trying to protect.

In the same style as A Head Full of Ghosts, Tremblay does an incredible job of creating rich characters. Elizabeth, Tommy's mother, is a three dimensional woman, dealing with the stress of trying to find her son while also being a present mother for her younger daughter Kate.  I will  have to admit, Kate maybe could have used a little more fleshing out, some of her motivations felt a little contrived for me. The friends, Josh and Luis, are much more filled in, making it easier to understand the twisted events that led up to the disappearance. 

I don't want to give anything away because each kink in the story was so gratifying for me and I could never take that away from you, my Dear Readers. (For my scoring of readability, keep in mind it was a little slow at times, but picked up ten-fold about halfway through, totally worth it.)

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