Monday, July 17, 2017

Fully Loaded (Blake Crouch)

This one is a book of short stories, which normally I don't go for; but lately, I've been having a lot of trouble moving on when I finish one book (#BookHangover) so a short story from Crouch was a great palate cleanser... kind of like a creepy grape between courses.

Blake Crouch, if you are unfamiliar, writes a lot of creepy-in-a-realistic-way shit. His style of creep speaks to that darker side that all of us have. Each of these short stories is drastically different, but still each creates a fabulous world. I was really impressed by the multiple stories where I didn't see the twist coming until the last second, which, it seems to me, must be way harder than in a full sized book.

If you're looking for variety, or love thrillers and mind benders- definitely check this collection out. (You can also get most of the stories individually on Kindle, if you think you're only interested in one or two.)

The Book

The Writing


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