Saturday, June 17, 2017

Wishful Drinking (Carrie Fisher)

Is there anything as entertaining as getting the straight-from-the-mouth, crazy-as-fuck life story of a celebrity?

Let me start over... I LOVE Carrie Fisher. The work she did to bring light to the life of the mentally ill (and to try and help remove the stigma that goes with that phrase) is inspiring. I myself have dealt with several psychological diagnoses over the years, and I am fucking tired of being made to feel like less of a human because of it.

Still, there is no denying that the story of Carrie Fisher is pretty fucking fabulous, and the candid way she shares it is hilarious. From life with Debbie Reynolds as a mother to a particularly amazing story about Cary Grant attempting an intervention for drug use (I'm not even kidding), Fisher truly did not disappoint.

Of course, there is that shroud of sadness over the experience of reading the book. A woman who was so full of life, so exuberant about life, who never seemed suicidal in her drug use, is gone from us far too soon, and that is a light that will never be replaced.

My only real criticism would be that the writing often seemed scattered, and the syntax seemed strange. But you have to keep in mind this was a book version of her one woman show, and it reads that way. Other than that, it was a great, and quick read. I finished it in about 6 hours.

The Book

The Writing


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