Sunday, June 18, 2017

Love Letters to the Dead

When we were creating our challenge, my friend wanted one prompt to be "A Book of Letters", which to me just sounded annoying. But, life is about compromises, so there it is. It's such an unusual format, I thought that surely this would be one of the last ones I would fill in, that I would be desperately combing Nook and Kindle for something that sounded survivable that met the prompt. And then, this popped up in my recommended reading, after I finished Marlena.

It was actually a pretty cool story device.

Laurel starts writing these letters as part of an English assignment at her new school. Initially she is hesitant about the idea (so we both agreed on that from the get go), but as she writes she begins to find catharsis in the process. Her family has just imploded, and as she writes her letters to famous dead people, we begin to learn how and why. The book is a wonderful combination of funny moments and sad, sometimes bordering on heart wrenching. 

All of these Young Adult books have really started me questioning my own teenage existence. Was I supposed to sneak out of the house? I didn't. It seems, based on the few books I've read this year, like I not only missed out, but also failed at some primary teenage objective. (Here's the sad part, the back door of the house was in my bedroom- I wouldn't have really had to do any sneaking anyway. Did I fail some test???)

This really was a fun book to read, and super fast. Highly recommend to anyone interested in the kind of My Girl genre of feels, because you will fall all in the "Thomas J  killed by bees" feels. And warning: those are tough feels to get back out of.

The Book

The Writing


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