Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore (Matthew J. Sullivan)

Midnight At the Bright Ideas Bookstore- Matthew Sullivan
This is another one of those I would have to go searching through my order records to figure out when I got it. (Someone has GOT to turn off sale notifications from Kindle for me. PLEASE??) But it had great reviews and kept popping up on people's TBR lists on GoodReads so I figured, eh, why not give it a try?

I love it! I am a sucker (in case you haven't noticed a trend here) for a great "burning the candle at both ends" style of thriller. Where I am just as invested in what happened 15 years ago as I am in what is happening today. This idea of two timelines coming together to solve the questions they each left unanswered, it takes an expertise at weaving characters and their stories that I don't think you see as frequently in today's book market. And especially not as well done as by Matthew Sullivan in Midnight At the Bright Ideas Bookstore.

Our protaganist starts the book off with what has GOT to go down in retail history as just the worst fucking shift EVER! (And I've worked plenty of retail. Even with the nightmares I lived through, it was nothing compared to how this book starts.) But of course, there's a tiny little mystery tucked away in this opening scene that begins to force her to look back on the demons and unanswered questions of her childhood, leaving me breathless with the need to know what comes next. I tried really hard with this book NOT to figure out what the twist would be when it came (because you KNOW they always come [that's what she said] and I wanted to savor it.) And was pleasatnely surprised. Maybe I would have figured it out if I'd tried hard enough to do it, but it was fun to be shocked along with the main character.

Honestly, I loved this book, it was a fun read with mysterious, yet still dimensional and dynamic characters, and I think that is so hard to pull off these days. Definitely recommend to anyone into the thriller/suspense category.

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