Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Perfect Stranger (Megan Miranda)

The Perfect Stranger- Megan Mirand
So, The Perfect Stranger is the second of Megan Miranda's books that I've read. I read All the Missing Girls last year right after it was released, and immediately had a massive amount of respect for Miranda. Her ability to craft a complex story, then drop you right in the middle is extraordinary. (Maybe I'll write you a review of Missing Girls as well, because,  even now I'm swooning inside reliving it.)

But,  back to the present.  This Sunday I decided to see what Megan Miranda had been up to, and then BOOM! Cue The Perfect Stranger on sale in the Kindle store that VERY DAY! KISMET, my friends!

The Perfect Stranger is similar to Missing Girls in that parts of it take place in the present while the back story is revealed slowly throughout the book. But in this one,  we don't start out in medias res per se. The action definitely happens right in front of your eyes, it's just that the underside of the iceberg is revealed over time throughout the novel (and dude, it goes fucking DEEP.)

We meet Leah after she has chosen to move to a remote town in Western Pennsylvania (which is, I can tell you, exactly two miles past the Butt Fuck of nowhere and straight on into a Wes Craven movie.) She had decided to do this, we learn, because she has run into a girl who was more-acquaintance-than-friend after college. This is just at the moment when Leah needs to get out of town.  Fast. And as luck would have it, Emmy ALSO needs to leave town AND she's already thrown a dart to decide where to go. (A Wes Craven movie, apparently.)

That's when things get weird. (Weirder than moving to Butt Fuck Pennsylvania with a virtual stranger that you haven't seen for eight years.)

I'm not giving anything away, because the twists are so well crafted it would do a disservice to Ms. Miranda if I did.

What I will say is this: Read. This. Book.

Drum roll, pleasssssseeeeeeeee........
The Book

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