Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Roses of May (The Collector Trilogy by Dot Hutchison)

Let's chat about one of my new favorite authors: Dot Hutchison. I found her last year, when the first novel in this series was suggested in the Kindle store. (Fucking Kindle store trying to bankrupt me. And more importantly, succeeding.) I was incredibly disappointed to learn that she was not especially prolific, although not at all surprised based on how thoroughly good the book was. (Honestly though, I'm gonna need her to pick up the pace because I need more. Like, now.)

The Butterfly Garden
The Butterfly Garden
Usually, I only talk about one book at  a time in a blog, but since I read The Butterfly Garden so long ago I'm including some thoughts about it in this one. When it was first suggested, it seemed like it would be a mildly interesting read, but from the initial few chapters I was completely absorbed and HAD to know what was going on. The writing was easy and the story totally engaging, definitely another one of those that I finished within 24 hours because I couldn't stop reading. 
The story is told by Maya, who relays the circumstances that led up to her and others being in the hospital talking to FBI agents. However, Maya has become as much of a puzzle as her story. Rather than telling the details of how she ended up in the Garden or what day to day life was like, she twists and turns through time, jumping from years before to the day they are found. Confounding to the agents trying to find answers, it is sort of endearing to the reader. (You know, once I have the answers and I'm looking back fondly on the journey. While I'm trying to find answers it's a fucking nightmare.)

The Roses of May
The Roses of May
This book picks up a few months after the Butterfly Garden, initially in the point of view of the same FBI agents we saw dealing with Maya, then adds the point of view of Priya, who's sister was murdered years before and the case handled by one of our Butterfly FBI agents. Strange things have begun happening in Priya's world, and as the story unfolds you will find yourself with more questions than when you started. Who do you trust? Should you become a profiler for the FBI? (For me the answer is yes.) 
One really beautiful piece of her writing is how she intertwine's the upheaval of Priya's world with the slowly settling life of Maya. While creating a new mystery for us to become absorbed in, Hutchison also gives absolution to the story of the Butterflies. 
I do wish that there had been a little more development of the villain, I wanted a little more time inside their head. The development of Priya, however, was fabulous. The glimpses into her terrible past along with the examples of how she has fortified herself in the present were perfectly mixed.

If you are a reader who likes suspense, thrillers, psychological thrillers, or anything of the ilk, you have GOT to read this series. Both are available on Kindle Unlimited, and the third book is aiming to hit shelves May of 2018.  


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