Monday, May 1, 2017

Monthly surprise just got a whole lot cooler!

And, no, I am not talking about THAT. Ew. Nope, I am talking about the fact that this Belle finally signed up for the Book of the Month Club! Now every month I'll get a new book in the mail, I'm so excited!

Such a cute design!!
How it works, is that you pick your favorite categories of reading material. Then each month they pick a book for you, with a few other options you can switch to. Then on the first of the month they ship it out to you and you get to enjoy a new book! They also have a big selection of previous BOTM choices that you can add into your box for a price that's cheaper than the usual for a hard cover.

If you want to sign up and see what you think, click the link above, or click right here if you don't feel like scrolling up!

And if you join, let me know! I want to know what other people think! Can't wait to start this adventure!


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